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Poster: Diana Hamilton Date: Dec 6, 2005 4:00am
Forum: etree Subject: LlaMA Ride B&P idea

People with high speed connections are downloading merrily from the Live Music Archive, but it's much less convenient for people with low-speed connections. They can get a show faster through the mail than by http or ftp.

In my hometown, the summer fair always had free pony rides for the kids. How about giving "LlaMA rides" to the low-speed "kids" so everyone can have fun? It's a good way to give something back to the community.

Here's how it might work:
-You, the happy LMA downloader, go to your favorite trading venue (some examples).
-Post a B&P (blanks and postage) offer to the venue, but offer for instance a person's choice of any show from the LMA, or any show by certain band(s) you like.
-A person emails to specify the show and whether they want a shn/flac set or audio copy. If you accept them into the offer, then they mail the right number of blank CDs and return postage.
-Meanwhile you download the shn set, then burn it to their discs, or decompress it and burn audio discs for them.
-You don't even need to save a copy of those shns yourself if you don't want to. They will always be in the Archive. You are the conduit for spreading the archived music.
-I don't recommend posting offers here at the archive messageboard, since low-speed people are less likely to hang around here.

You can pass these B&P FAQ links to people:
-Ed McNichol's popular Beginners B&P Instructions
-My colleague Ron Holewinski's General B&P Rules

Sound good?

Update: Kevin F. of etree came up with an even more generous variation on the idea. His idea is to "give free (no blanks, no postage) to any two people, up to two discs each worth of material from the Live Music Archive. This can be 2 SHN, FLAC, or Audio discs worth of music." He leaves it up to the respondents to calculate how much will fit on 2 standard 700 MB discs. Kevin's other requirements to respondents:

1) You must provide the name of the band, show date, and source information if more than 1 source exists for each show/disc/etc. A link to the exact LMA web page would be helpful.

2) You must provide some reasoning, no matter how brief, as to why you chose the band/show that you did.

3) You must be willing to pass the discs along in the same manner as I have done in a reasonable amount of time after receiving them. This is paramount, and preference should be given to those community members who do not have high-speed access to the Live Music Archive.

4) Please only respond to this offer if you DO NOT have high-speed internet access. If you do have high-speed access, you can do all of this yourself...

5) Your name, address, e-mail address, or any other pertinent contact information."

Thanks for the great twist, Kevin! I'm putting it here in case anyone would like to follow the example.

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(12/2005: Found this from 3 years ago and thought it was worth bringing up again, esp. for people with I2 connections now! OK maybe it was a little off about "always" for a few items, but you get the idea. ;) )

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Poster: datgeek Date: Jan 5, 2003 10:23pm
Forum: etree Subject: Re: LlaMA Ride B&P idea

"-You don't even need to save a copy of those shns yourself if you don't want to. They will always be in the Archive."

how long is "always" ? like longer than the life od an archived SHN on a CD ? or longer than the average hard drive crash on my local PC ? or like Library of congress ?

My thought... I would like to re-partition and move around my hard drive arangement on my server but I have not got all my shows backed up on CD media... would I be safe to delete some of the ones I have archived here ?

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Poster: Jonathan Aizen Date: Jan 5, 2003 10:46pm
Forum: etree Subject: Re: LlaMA Ride B&P idea

I can't make any guarantees (i.e. you can't sue anyone if I'm wrong), but it seems safe to assume that the Archive will outlast CD media. The servers are all RAIDed and are also backed up onto mirrors at the Archive every day.